Spotmau Tuneup Kit 2010

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Spotmau Tuneup Kit 2010

Is your computer running slowly? Want to remove pop-ups, Google or Yahoo Toolbar? Something is automatically executed at Windows startup? ... Windows Optimization can speed up your PC; clean, repair and optimize Windows registry; remove your unwanted applications; restore default settings of your Internet Explorer; shorten your Windows startup time; optimize your network speed; enable you to choose which programs to run automatically at Windows startup; change your desktop icon and right click menu.

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Product Name: Spotmau Tuneup Kit
Original Price: $59.95
Now Price: Only $34.95
Upgrade: Upgrade to PowerSuite Golden Edition ($29.95)
Platform: Windows All
License: Shareware
Editor's Rating: 5-star rating

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Spotmau Tuneup Kit includes many useful functions for your Windows:

TuneUp Kit provides the full solution to Increase PC & Windows Performance, Clean and Customization your Windows.

Windows Speedup: Spam and malicious software messed up your registry every day; more and more programs & services auto startup; unsuitable Internet setting affect your Internet connection. Windows Speedup performs system speedup to further optimize your system performance.

  • Registry Cleaner cleans up registry trash, removes registry redundancy and repairs your registry problem.
  • Startup Management configures and reduces Windows startup time; identifies and cleans hidden and unnecessary programs that run at Windows Startup.
  • System Service Management identifies and disables unnecessary services to make your computer run faster.
  • Internet Optimizer optimizes and speedups your internet speed.

Windows Cleaner: Your Windows gets more and more dummy files and unknown programs after running several months. It's a terrible thing boring us everyday. Several major causes are: Windows accumulate large amount of debris and cache files on your computer which slowing up your disk access and wasting your disk space; ghost and stubborn applications roots inside your system which badly wastes your precious system resources. Windows Cleaner intellectually and safely clean up your system and dramatically improve your Windows performance and responsiveness.

  • Disk Cleanup/Free up disk space maximizes disk space and accelerates disk access. Your disk becomes more reliable and more fast.
  • System Cleaner cleans up the obsolete debris files, junk files, cache files, trace files.
  • IE/Firefox Privacy Cleaner clean up all your IE/Firefox temp files, cache files, trace files and cookies completely. Leave no trace absolutely!
  • Smart Uninstall analyzes and uninstalls stubborn, malicious and "ghost" applications and programs thoroughly.
  • Shortcut Cleaner cleans inactive desktop short and free more desktop space.

Customization: This section provides many useful functions for your computer daily using, such as IE repairs, IE plug-ins cleaners, IE context menu management, Right-click menu management and IE favorite backup.

  • IE Repairs provides three solutions to repair IE problems, such as home page be changed, IE settings problems, IE crash and so on.
  • Right-click menu management allows you add or remove application to right click menu. It has never been so convenient!
  • IE Context menu management allows you customization IE context menu configuration.
  • Spotmau Secretary provides a beautiful gadget on your desktop for calendar, time displaying and memo reminding.
  • Bosskey allows you to hide your chat or internet Windows in less than 1 second by hitting one click. This is extremely useful when your boss comes up behind you suddenly.
  • Wallpaper fairy allows you to automatically change your desktop background picture from a rotating list. Give you a fresh and different look everyday or every interval you want.

Key Benefits

  •  Optimize, Clean & Speed up your system
  •  Add/Delete programs which run at Windows Startup
  •  Prevent some unwanted system services from running on your computer
  •  Optimize your Internet speed
  •  Protect your privacy by cleaning up all activity records on your computer
  •  Smartly and completely uninstall any program
  •  Repair IE problems
  •  Restore IE default options
  •  Add your favorite items to IE context menu
  •  Delete the items you don't need from IE context menu
  •  Add your favorite items to system right-click menu
  •  Delete the items you don't need from system right-click menu
  •  Memo display window
  •  Digital clock and Calendar
  •  Help you manage daily duties and business schedule


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Speedup Windows
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Registry Cleanup
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Disk Cleanup
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IE Repair


1. "I purchased this a few days ago, and it is totally awesome! Being a semi-retired consultant, there are many tools on here that I would have given hundreds of $$$ for! The value and user friendliness is so good. Tony R Frost" (USA)

2. "I am so happy with the software , and it is very easy to use for first time user that I will recommend it to any body I recovered the registry files and it is working better than ever before and more faster that I don't have to be begin to the computer technician with his arrogant face and even, it is better than Microsoft help system, and the miky mouse softwares from the market For the small price congratulations and keep it up with the top quality software. very truly Jorge A emestica." (USA)

3. "Forgot to let you know the password finder in your CD DID work for me... I'm SO grateful -- I cannot verbalize how important this is for our family, or how much this is helping me to more effectively help my daughter (and quickly!)... You've done a great thing here... Just wanted to let you know this and thank you so very, very much...Terri (aka "Mom")" (USA)

4. "Thank your for the download your product is a nice tool to add to my collection for repairs and fixes. Thanks.Kirk" (USA)

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Special Customized, Special for You! Fix Any Computer Easily! PowerSuite includes:

Instant tune-up Windows performance.
Find lost Windows password.
Lifesaver utilities for crashed Windows - No more blue screen.
Recover photos and data from crashed, deleted, or even formatted hard drive.
Super powerful partition management tool with super easy graphic user interface.
No one can spy on your computer any more.
Copy entire system to new disk. No Windows reinstallation any more.
Schedule routine data back. Super easy!

No wonder PCMag praises Spotmau PowerSuite as a "Lifesaver"!

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