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Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 Golden Edition - Set Your Computer easily!

Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 Golden Edition is a must-have toolkit providing all essential utilities for every PC owner.

You can use it to boot up any computer; fix and install Windows; optimize and speed up your system; clean up history and protect privacy; recover data and passwords; partition and format the hard drive; clone and backup your system; and more...
Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 Original Price: $150.95
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For the convenience of customers, Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 is a new powerful toolset that contains the following major computer programs, with more enhancements.

We have served 4,000,000+ satisfied customers worldwide

Boot up computer Boot up any computer Repair Windows Repair Windows problems
Speed up Windows Speed up your Windows Clone system Clone & backup your System and data
Password Finder Find out any password Protect computer privacy Protect your privacy from identity theft

Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 guides:

Upgrade Spotmau Small Package to Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition

How to find lost Office Key?

How to find MSN password?

How To Find Yahoo Messenger Password?

How to encrypt folder?

How to permanenetly delete data?

How to clear recent documents?

How to restore Windows Admin User password?

How to Recover Data I Have Deleted from Hard Disks?

How Can I Get Deleted Files Back?

How To Repair Your Windows XP Operating System?

PowerSuite Golden Edition 2012 Compares with PowerSuite 2012

How to recover Windows without reinstalling system?

How to backup Pritition Table?

How to find Windows XP product CD Key?

How to restore IE settings?

How to recover system?

How To Back Lost Files After Reinstalling System?

Windows XP Will Not Boot Up

Computer Will Not Boot Up In Any Mode

Windows XP formatted Files Recovery

Editor Reviews

PC Magazine Editor's Review

It's highly useful even if Windows doesn't load.

Hard Disk Tools comes first: a disk-partitioning manager, a hard drive rescue utility, a disk cloner and backup utility, a disk cloner and backup utility, and a data-wiping program.

Windows Recovery provides a tool for Windows 2000/XP/2003 and another for 95/98/Me.

To me, the single most valuable utility category in the package is Data Recovery. This powerful feature gives you three options-Data Transfer, Unformat, and Undelete - all of which can provide enormous peace of mind if your PC has become unusable or if you've deleted files or even whole partitions that you desperately need.

The Password Recovery utility finds your Windows Administrator and User passwords.

WinCares is the only utility in the package that installs to your hard drive and must be accessed from it. In addition to locating passwords for MSN, Internet Explorer, and Windows Mail, and product keys for Windows, Office, and IE, it offers utilities to manage uninstalls, changing the programs that load when Windows starts, and one that restores IE to its original settings—if your ISP or PC manufacturer has replaced it with its own customized version, for example. In addition, WinCares handles folder encryption (over and above the encryption within Vista) and the typical cleaning tools for cookies, temporary files, and IE history...

TopTenREVIEWS Editor's Review

Combining all the right tools in an easy to use interface, Spotmau PowerSuite is an excellent PC system utilities solution. The suite truly is an all-in-one package, including privacy, data backup and recovery, optimization, maintenance, and emergency recovery. Spotmau has done a great job of creating a worthwhile software suite complete with innovative technology, some exclusive features, and the ability to utilize the software on 3 computers. For convenience, customization, and confidence, Spotmau PowerSuite is a great way to go.

Regnow Editor's Review

PowerSuite Professional 2008 is extremely user-friendly. Whether you possess basic computer skills or you are an advanced PC user this toolkit will not only meet your needs, it will exceed expectations!


What tech professional says about PowerSuite


MICROSOFT WINDOWS requires lots of tender loving care to keep it running optimally. In order to tweak settings, run needed maintenance and fix the inevitable glitches, you can search among myriad tools—if you’re able to get online. 

Most of us, though, don’t want to acquire dozens of separate utilities to meet any eventuality, and we need a solution that works when Windows won’t even start up.

Spotmau provides an answer with its PowerSuite Professional 2008, a multifunctional and easy-to-use toolkit that provides all the useful utilities you need in one bootable CD. So whether you want to clean up Windows, or you require help getting Windows to operate, PowerSuite Professional has everything you need.

The downloadable software creates a CD-ROM (also available by mail for a small charge) that provides a full suite of Windows utilities, as well as the ability to boot up your PC and diagnose and fix the problem when Windows doesn’t open.

The PowerSuite  CD has easy-to-use interfaces and easy-to-understand directions for any PC user, from novice to expert. This everyday toolset for PC maintenance and optimization also provides an emergency kit for rescuing and recovering your precious data and system.

Whether the issue is speeding up Windows, shredding or recovering data, or backing up and restoring your system, the PowerSuite  toolkit has the solution for the task at hand. Among the nifty utilities, you’ll find the ability to recover lost passwords and Microsoft product keys, restore your Internet Explorer, and encrypt folders.

The PowerSuite  CD is so powerful that every PC user should keep one as a necessary toolkit to make sure Windows works the way you want it to, when you want it to.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made.

(United States)

I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised that the hard disk beyond redemption.


I never stop telling people around me to purchase this magnificent product. The only CD with all necessary tools to analyze and cure a machine with troubles.

(United Kingdom)

As a banker, it's really important to protect the information on my computer. I am eager to do this: delete data permanently, send files safely and need a private space in my computer. Oh, Spotmau is as strong as I need! It's fully meets my requirements!


Thank you very much for your products. I was anxious that my annual reports deleted by mistakenly. It's really very important to me. My friend jannie told me Spotmau can rescue data. I used spotmau CD, and rescued my reports! Thanks again for the excellent software; I will introduce it to my colleagues.

(United States)

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